Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Benefit for Employees and Students

Are you looking for a way to keep your budget in check and avoid assigning credit cards to employees?

If so, then prepaid fuel cards may be the best choice.

Who will get the benefit?

1. A more convenient and inexpensive way to have employees pay for fuel is to issue them prepaid fuel cards.

These types of cards provide the convenience of a credit card without the associated costs such as per transaction fees, monthly fees or finance charges.

Buy prepaid fuel cards today and enjoy the benefit. There is no charge for these cards. The only cost is the exact monetary amount with which you load the cards.

2. How to help your child as a student to meet their daily expenses?

Prepaid fuel cards are one of the best ways to help your children meet their everyday expenditure as a student.

Prepaid fuel cards can be used to refuel cars, cars wash and to buy items, such as food, in the gas station’s store.

These prepaid fuel cards are convenient and they help students manage their budget. In addition, if a student using prepaid fuel cards for these types of everyday expenditure, they are less likely to apply for a gas credit card.

Prepaid fuel cards are also practical for teens. For example, parents can give them as gifts or keep them on hand for when someone has a date and needs gas for the car.

For parents, using a prepaid fuel cards ensures that the money is being spent on purchasing items for which it was wished-for. This means that you can be sure there will be fuel in your car when your child returns it instead of being spent on unnecessary items at the shopping mall.

Prepaid fuels card can be used just like any other debit or credit card at the pump. You can buy prepaid fuel cards online anytime you wish, provided that you have money to pay. One example of Fuel Company that sells prepaid fuel cards online is

One advice before you purchase prepaid fuel cards, please read carefully the Terms and Conditions. Ask question regarding what will happen if the card lost or stolen. Is the remaining money on the card will be forfeited?

As we understood, if we lose a credit card, just call credit card Company to immediately block the card from unauthorized use. Is the same procedure applied to prepaid fuel cards?

Ask the questions to resolve your doubts hence; you could use your prepaid fuel cards with a peace of mind.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Prepaid Fuel Cards - Introduction

Dear Readers,

Have you ever heard about prepaid fuel cards? Let’s learn something about it today.

Prepaid fuel cards - a new, easier way to buy gasoline. It’s give a expediency of cash along with the pay-at-the-pump speed of a credit card.

With prepaid fuel cards, you don't have to be anxious about having cash on hand or paying another credit card bill at the end of the month. It’s let you budget your gasoline purchases in advance. They're on call in emergencies when both your tank and wallet are empty.

Prepaid fuel cards - It's a disposable card in convenient amounts. You can use it to buy gasoline, auto supplies, foodstuff, a car wash and other items at participating fuel stations across the U.S or any country that offered similar concept.

Prepaid fuel cards are electronically programmed with a set amount. Your purchases are robotically deducted until your balance is zero. When the card is used up, you just throw it away.

In general, your prepaid fuel cards functions just like using cash or a credit card at any participating fuel stations.

The sequences that would take place:

* At the pump, simply run the card through the card reader.
* Your balance will be indicated.
* Then pump your gas.
* A receipt will be printed showing the purchase amount and the balance remaining on your card.

Inside the station:

Hand your prepaid fuel cards to the cashier. Again, you’ll get a receipt indicating your purchase and current balance.

If your prepaid fuel cards are used up (not enough fund) and let’s say you're paying at the pump, the pump will shut off automatically. Inside the station, the cashier will let you know. If your purchase amount is more than what's left on your card, you can pay the difference with another prepaid fuel cards, cash or a credit card.

When the prepaid fuel cards are used up, just throw it away. It has no remaining value.

To get your prepaid fuel cards, go to any participating fuel stations nearer to you. You can pay for the prepaid fuel cards with cash, debit card, or any other credit card.

Alternatively you can surf their website and get further information before decide to buy your first prepaid fuel cards.

Have a nice day!

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