Monday, February 23, 2009

Prepaid Fuel Cards for Employee

prepaid fuel cards

Today, as usual our discussion shall focus on prepaid fuel cards. If you’re looking information regarding prepaid fuel cards then you’ve come to the right place.

Seldom we heard that an employer would assist their hardworking employees during difficult time such as during global rising of fuel prices.

We know that some of them have taken some effort to help reduce the burden of their employees but employers should know when is the right time to assist their workforce.

For example assistance most needed when suddenly fuel price start to increase tremendously.

One of the best choices to help manage the continued high cost of fuel is to provide each employee, a prepaid fuel cards with an appropriate amount.

Not only employee will appreciate very much with the rewards that they received but their spirit and jobs quality would improve too.

As an added feature, the card can be customizable branding (i.e. customize the prepaid fuel cards with company logo or a fully customized color image), thus employees are reminded that they are enjoying savings expressly from their employers.

That’s what we call a win - win situation.

So dear employers’ start giving free prepaid fuel cards today. Show your appreciation to the employee’s continued dedicated service by helping them to combat the continued rising price of fuel.
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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Prepaid Fuel Cards Cancer Program

prepaid fuel cards

Would you like to help cancer patients? Did you know prepaid fuel cards could help cancer patients get the treatment they need?

For example, cancer patients maybe at risk missing their important medical appointments because they cannot afford to buy fuel.

With the donated prepaid fuel cards, Cancer Society could assists cancer patients with transportation to and from cancer treatment center.

You can approach your local Cancer Society and present to them your idea. Maybe they can launch it as a new program in order to help cancer patients. Ask them to unveil this program to the public.

‘Fuel for Hope’, maybe the best name that suitable for this program. Start the program by contacting cancer survivors. Ask them to do some volunteers job or a donation (for those can afford). Usually cancer survivors won’t think twice. What they think is how they can give back.

List of Cancer Societies that you could approach (to name a few):

1. In Malaysia,
2. In UK,
3. In US,
4. In India,
5. In Australia,
6. In Canada,
7. In Africa,
Natural Cancer Treatment, click HERE to learn

Help cancer patients today by donating prepaid fuel cards to the Cancer Society. May God bless you with your efforts.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fund Raising Prepaid Fuel Cards

prepaid fuel cards

What a brilliant idea to attract customers, gain some profit and lend a hand to help raise funds for the non-profit organization.

You know what….Speedway SuperAmerica has offers this Fund Raising Prepaid Fuel Cards to help your organization raise some money!

So, How Does it Work?

Your non-profit organization has to buys a minimum of $500 in Speedway SuperAmerica Prepaid Fuel Cards or Gift Cards at a 5% discount.

This Prepaid Fuel Cards are then resold at face value to your non-profit organization members. The 5% discount earned will remains with your organization!
You will find this program to be an excellent and convenient way to bring financial support to your organization without any additional cost to you.

This Prepaid Fuel Cards can be redeemed for fuel only, while Gift Cards can be redeemed for fuel or merchandise. Both cards are available in $25 and $100 denominations or can be customized on any amount ($5-$999) of cards for your organization.

How to Apply

Nowadays almost everything could be done online. You don’t need to leave your home to get the application form or Order Form. Just do it from the comfort of your bedroom (if you wish). There are two ways to apply your prepaid fuel cards:

1. ACH/Electronic Funds Transfer:
Fill out the on line form at and submit it electronically.

2. Check or money order:
Print the order form at, fill it out and then mail it in with your check or money order.

How to Get Started?

1. Complete the Application Form in its entirety.

2. Complete the Order Form.

- Once completely filled out and signed, send your Completed Application Form, Order Form, check or money order made out to "Speedway SuperAmerica LLC" or credit card information (see address below) and Copy of your 501(c) (3) form or a copy of the federal letter granting you tax exempt status.

Speedway SuperAmerica has promised that:

1. Upon receipt of your Application and Order Form, they will process and ship your order within 48 hours.

2. All orders are shipped DHL or standard mail 3-5 day delivery. Overnight delivery is available for a slight additional cost.

Call 1-800-643-1948 (extension 7535), if you have any question. Easy isn’t it?

That is it. Mail the above to:

Speedway SuperAmerica LLC
P.O. Box 7600
Springfield, OH 45501
Attention: Bulk Prepaid Cards B1069

Opps…I almost forget to let you all know, if you found the minimum order too large for your organization or if you looking for a complete fund raising program, you can try their Scrip Program (what is this man?). Click here for further details.

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