Saturday, December 6, 2008

BP Business Solutions Fuel Card

prepaid fuel cards
Dear fleet owner,

If your business operates a smaller group of vehicles, the BP Business Solutions Fuel Card is probably best for you. They have another two cards which we will not discuss it today. This card works like a prepaid fuel cards.

This 'prepaid fuel cards' features has the criteria’s that we need if we decide to looks for our first prepaid fuel cards.

Summary of what’s good?

1. It gives you, the fleet manager, the ability to determine how each card may be used.

2. They gave you introductory rebates - 10 cents per gallon on all fuel purchases for the first three months!

3. Security and Fraud Controls
* Only Fleet managers gain access to driver account information.
* Lost/stolen cards or cards of ex-employees may be deactivated by fleet managers immediately via the account online website or with a quick call to customer service.

4. You can establish a program for each driver in your fleet based upon their specific usage needs such as setting limits for each card by day or month, purchases may be restricted during off hours (nights/weekends) or prevent convenience store purchases by limiting cards to fuel only.

5. Complete online control for your entire account available 24/7. You can control each individual card, including the ability to deactivate cards, request new ones, or change spending/transaction limits by card.

6. This 'prepaid fuel cards' also offer you monthly statements online.

7. Real-time account tracking lets you keep a close eye on the spending of every driver in your fleet. You can also set the system to flag data for all purchases made outside established limits.

8. Available Reports online – 24/7 at your fingertips with BP website and 24-hour customer service representative number.

What's not so good?

1. Rebates offer only valid for the first three month (of new account) and may be discontinued at any time.

2. Rebates are not offered on purchases at ARCO locations.

3. This 'prepaid fuel cards' can only be used at BP locations.

4. There is also a fee if you choose paper statements instead of online statements.

Application Process - it takes 2 weeks to process an application if your account is approved.

- That’s it! You are done, and can use your first 'prepaid fuel cards' soon!

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Sunday, November 30, 2008

How to Choose Your First Prepaid Fuel Cards

prepaid fuel cards

Have you decided to buy your first prepaid fuel cards?
What criteria of the cards that would make you to choose it?

There are a lot of criteria to be considered when come to choosing your prepaid fuel cards. Let’s look at it today.

First of all, choose a fuel station that provides prepaid fuel cards for their customers. Usually this type of fuel station will keep your purchase record and will offer you supply protection if shortages occur based on previous usages.

1. If you were a fleet owner what benefits that you look for?
At least they could provide the following:

. Details of fueling report
. Specific information (on the card) such as fuel type, obligatory mileage, tank capacity, number of fueling per day or allocated dollars per month.

2. Make sure you could save some money with the card; the card should be easily available for purchasing and easy to use. Card provider should also provide a fast, friendly, efficient and accurate service.

Check whether you have to pay any fees or charges, such as membership fee and how much they charge for a replacement cards.

3. Any option to lock at low price when market changing? This method allows you to deposit your money at a posted price and keeping that price as markets change. Some card provider will offer you this option – you’ll have a chance to save a lot of money.

4. Check whether you could buy your fuel in advance and is there any minimum or maximum purchase amounts are required?

5. Convenience matter shouldn’t be compromised too. Check their operation time/day/year and their fuelling locations.

6. Security
What they offered for security of your prepaid fuel cards? At least they should have the following:

· Only PIN and card can activate a withdrawal of fuel
· Monitor daily transaction print out (this could detect any pilferage attempts)
· Lost or stolen cards and codes can be locked out at your request.

7. Offer on line report – easily to access your transaction record and any other activity to your account.

8. Can you check your account balance at the pumps? - Another features that they should offer.

Lastly, make sure you read and understand the content of your first prepaid fuel cards agreement which you have to agree and sign.

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